A Simple Way to Save on Your CerefolinNAC® Prescription


Brand Direct Health® offers an everyday low-price guarantee

Brand Direct Health® is a specialty pharmacy that provides you with exceptional products and service, every step of the way.

100% money-back guarantee

100% money-back guarantee: full refund if your needs are not met*

Everyday low-price guarantee

Everyday low-price guarantee

Shipping on your order

Shipping of convenient 90-day supply

*No return necessary. Limit to one refund per person, per product.



Non pain-related symptoms can be the first indicators of DPN progression

Your doctor can submit your CerefolinNAC® prescription after your visit, via electronic submission or fax.


You can go to BrandDirectHealth.com or call 866-331-6440 for more information.


If left untreated, DPN may lead to serious consequences

We will call you after one business day to confirm the details of your prescription, and ship it directly to your home.


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